Getting Started
Welcome to the discordbot-script official documentation! Current version is 3.3.1.
DEPRECATED] This package has been deemed unusable!
This package uses outdated dependencies and is an unstable environment. If you happen to download it, most of the components will not work!
Please report any and all bugs to the Developers in our Discord Support Server.

Installing DB-Script

Discord bot script is super simple and easy to install!
Your project must be on node version 12 or higher to work properly!
$ npm install discordbot-script

Starting code

DB-script is a super simple coding library, meaning you can make a super-intensive bot, with less work than other libraries.
const Dlang = require('discordbot-script')
const bot = new Dlang({
token: "TOKEN",
prefix: ["?"]
name: "ping",
code: `
name: "say",
code: `
.....and so on

Optional Feature:

You can choose to write multiple commands under the same bot.Command({. You don't have to call the event for each command in your main file.

This is helpful for users who are not using a command handler and for the commands written in the main file! Just be sure to use the format as described if you choose to use this method of writing.
name: "hi",
code: `hello`
name: "bye",
code: `lol ok bye`
name: "oof",
code: `oof back to you`

Don't forget to check out the Guides and all of the command functions available to you on the most updated version!

Always have fun with it! Making a discord bot can be a very awarding journey!
Don't forget to join our discord server!
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